Thermowood decking now in stock!!

Thermowood decking now in stock!!

Pippy Oak

Waney edge boards of English pippy oak will be supplied with wane (bark) on one or two edges.

Pippy oak, sometimes called ‘cat’s paw’ oak, is so named because of the frequent small knots and knot clusters which pepper the board. Large knot clusters are generally referred to as ‘burrs’ and boards with a high proportion of these large clusters are described as burr oak.

The heartwood of English pippy oak ranges in colour from pale straw to dark honey brown. The grain moves around the knots and clusters to create beautiful wild patterns and figures which are highly prized by fine furniture makers.

We keep stock in 3 thicknesses. These are 27mm, 41mm, and 54mm.

Properties Type Properties Details
Botanical Name: Quercus robur
Colour: Slightly yellow, to light or medium brown
Texture: Medium to coarse
Density: 720kg/m3
Thicknesses available: 27mm, 41mm, 54mm
Durability: Durable
Preservative permeability: Extremely difficult
Moisture Movement: Medium